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Heronview Leonbergers

About Leonbergers

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  Please have a look at my new website  www.heronviewleonbergers.com

 Welcome to Heronview Leonbergers. Please have a look around and hopefully I can answer your questions about this fun loving majestic breed. We are located in Brooklin, Ontario and have been breeding Leonbergers for more then 10 years. We love visitors so feel free to call or write to set up a visit to meet my Leo's 

   I am  often asked by people Why Leonbergers?  For me they are the perfect breed.  They are big and elegant.  They don't drool ( ok, so they share their water with anyone who happens to be near)   I love that they are ready to go anywhere  when asked , but stay fairly low key while in the house.  They love people and kids, well sometimes they love you to a fault as they want to be glued to you  all the time.

  Do they shed!!  Yes they do. Not to bad unless they are blowing their coat.  When they are blowing their coat  you sometimes get the feeling they are trying to creat another dog!   I am a spinner and   love when they are losing their coat. It means I have more fibre to spin. Leo fur is so wonderful and soft and has such a gorgeous color when spun.  I also raise Alpacas and  like to blend the two together.

Leos love to swim and have web feet. If you do not have a lake a kiddie pool will do. Beware because a puddle will also do and they do not look so lovely when they walk in  dripping with mud.  Who can get mad at that  Who me look :-)

Leonbergers love Ontario in the winter , I can tell you they like it more then I do!! Playing and rolling in the snow makes a leonberger as happy as playing in water.

A leonberger is in general an easy dog to get a long with.  They are not to hard to train for basic  obedience , but beyond that they really just dont see the point.  Leos are a big strong dog and need training and socilization from a puppy.  It is always wise to go and meet some Leos and talk to breeders.  Do your research t make sure you get the dog that is right for you

email-- leolvr@sympatico.ca

Heronview Leonbergers

7692 Ashburn road

Brooklin, Ontario